Daily horoscope for november 6

Your daily horoscope: November 6

During these dark skies, Ms Silverman advised you make a conscious decision, in spite of Scorpio, to be accepting and willing to live life to the fullest. See what I mean? In addition to the double Scorpio aspect, the two bodies form a perfect trine, or a degree, with Neptune in Pisces.

So, if a part of you feels like going away during this astrological alignment, consider meditation or massage instead.

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The astrologer said Neptune rules over alcohol, drugs, altered states and going places. Honesty is the key to the relationships of November 6 people. They may be close to only a special few friends. Their happiness is often determined by their romantic choices.

They fall in and out of love in a big way and are accustomed to a broken heart. But they continue to search for their dream person. November 6 people love family life.

Daily Horoscope November 6, 2016: Leo

They usually have close family ties and enjoy reminiscing. They are too practical to worry over what may have gone wrong when they were children.


They may not feel grown up until they begin their family, which teaches them more about themselves than they believed possible. November 6 men and women live an active lifestyle that ensures good health. They seem to be aware of the latest fitness facts and theories and can be somewhat fanatical when it comes to diet.

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Sufficient exercise is a major concern. They prefer to be active in natural ways: doing their own yardwork and household chores. Although they may not seem ambitious, November 6 people are always looking to extend the boundaries of their job descriptions. They want to make it to the top of whatever field they choose.

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