Pisces fire rabbit compatibility

The Fire Rabbit

In love, they are very extreme. And they rarely pass that line. But the deeper they go, the more hurt they can get.

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These Rabbits are more insecure than other zodiacs and need to be reassured often. Both Dog and Rabbit wish for a peaceful and quiet life. Rabbit and Pig have similar personalities and will be attracted to each other. Goats need someone to depend on. Rabbits enjoy taking care of others and complement Goats well. Rabbit and Rooster clash strongly and are the least compatible.

Relationships with Rats are tricky. Because of their empathy and sensitive artistic feelings, people born in the Rabbit year often find creative jobs more attractive. Many are successful in art, music, architecture and literature.

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They are also suitable for jobs that require observation and attention to fine detail. Examples include translation and business consultation. As social butterflies, Rabbits have a wide social network. Their friend list includes everyone, from government officials to the average person. So if a career requires social connections, such as PR jobs, a Rabbit would be a good candidate. In addition, Rabbits can try careers that involve decision making. However, they must have a reliable friend by their side to give some advice and tactics. Physically, Rabbits have nothing to worry about. For the small problems that may occur, the symptoms are obvious.

This leads most Rabbits to take things seriously and visit the hospital before it can worsen. However, they have many bad eating habits. This can lead to some problems in the urinary system. The biggest problem is their insecurity. Rabbits can suffer from anxiety and depression. Try letting go of problems and being prepared for unexpected difficulties.

Rabbits can look forward to the Year of the Rat. Blessings will continue from the previous year, particularly with regards to love. The Rabbit will be one of the most irresistible of the zodiacs for the entirety of the year; look for romance around every corner.

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Your work and home life will also prove to be satisfying. A female friend will be able to guide you through any struggles in your career. However, be on your guard for a possible betrayal from within your friend circle and prepare for mental health issues. Do your best to balance your emotions when you are feeling low. Besides a few hiccups here and there, the year should be good. Communication is critical for succeeding in the workplace. Rabbits are quiet individuals and will need to work on their social skills with colleagues and superiors to reap the benefits the Year of the Rat brings.

Maintaining cordial relationships in all office matters should be a focus. You have it in you to charm your colleagues, and social interactions paired with hard work will bring good fortune. Promotions and financial advances will be on the table. Help will come in the form of a female friend. Look out for this lucky advisor, and be prepared to take her counsel. Watch out for betrayal though; a supposed friend might stab you in the back this year. Your attention to detail and quiet focus will help advance your educational pursuits.

With any assignment, following strict guidelines is a must, and maintaining concentration will be necessary to succeed. However, if you can keep these in mind for your studies, life will be a breeze. Building strong relationships during your school years is essential for sanity and study groups.

Although Rabbits are physically healthy, mentally, they struggle. Anxiety and depression are common ailments. To combat negative thoughts and self-esteem issues, find something that centers you. Think of your best qualities and talents; focus on those for the year. Take a class related to your favorite hobbies or join a support group. If you are losing the battle with depression, visit your primary care doctor for help as soon as possible. The sooner you can fix the problem at its root, the better you will be. Because stressors from work might get you down, try spending more time outdoors.

Being outside in the fresh air is naturally calming. Instead of staring at your computer or phone all day, take a walk, ride a bike, or visit the ocean. Soak up the natural beauty of the world.

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Romance will be in full bloom for the Year of the Rat. That person you have been eyeing for the last few months might suddenly see you in a new light. Singles and couples will experience enhanced pleasure in their relationships. Enjoy romantic dates, quiet evenings on the lawn, or cozy days indoors. A lucky year for love is on the horizon. For those in committed partnerships, wedding bells will surely be in your future. Ignore any unwanted advances and keep your eyes on your loved one. The Rabbit will not have many worries in Overall, it will be a year full of luck and love.

Relationships will thrive, your studies will succeed, and work will be reliable as well. Even though you have a lot of good things going on, be watchful of your emotional state throughout the year. Specific stressors might push you over the edge, and depression could set in.

Focus on all of the positive blessings and get help if needed. Remember to use your talents to your advantage: you are kind, compassionate, and smart. The Year of the Dog was successful for most Rabbits, but some had a rather dreary year. The Year of the Pig will prove to be much more successful, although it will have its share of downs as well.

Be ready to work hard, stay calm, and adapt to a new scenario as the Year of the Pig makes progress on your dreams.

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Overall Rabbits should expect the Year of the Pig to bring the blowing winds of change. You can expect development in your finances, career, and with some relationships as well. Your friends are certain to prove themselves valuable this year when they support your success as well as help you when you are down. Chinese astrology also suggests that you'll learn to control what you say and how you behave. If you mind your own business and avoid disputes you'll be much better off in the coming year.

You should also be aware of traitorous friendships as they could cause a loss of your hard-earned wealth. Remember to be extra careful when taking trips and excursions. Although it is easy for the Rabbit sign to be taken advantage of within the Shengxiao, especially by someone who is a Rat sign, it is not likely if the Rat is truly committed with the relationship or interested in the person who is a Rabbit sign. Instead, the Rat is more likely to be understanding and to help with communicating and effectively solving issues between the two.

Rat women and Rabbit men often make great matches in Chinese horoscopes, sexually, and as a partnership when dating. The Rabbit man gives the Rat woman a calm and peaceful home life that is nurturing and often supportive in nature.

The Rat woman is a bit more social than the Rabbit man, but Rabbit men often do not mind. The Rat woman and the Rabbit man work well together when raising a family as both are dedicated to their families and children. The Rat man and the Rabbit woman can make a good matche in the Chinese zodiac and in Chinese astrology, as long as they both have a support system of friends and family for when they are having troubles in life or even in their relationship, as both signs can be quite pessimistic at times.

Rat men enjoy tending to their partners, which helps to keep the Rabbit woman emotional satisfied at all times. The Rabbit in Shengxiao can often be moody, which is a mental challenge for the Rat man, which he is able to take on and overcome. Custom Search. SexualAstrology Cookie Policy.