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Both Venus and Mars are collaborating to see you are also well-paid.

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At the same time, Saturn, watching Uranus working with all the little planets, will want to send you his gifts of stability and security and provide you a way to build a secure structure to protect a current or planned project. Remarkably, Saturn will be in a position to reach the new moon, Sun, Venus, and Mars. Saturn rules older people, so you may have a mentor or experienced VIP watching over your progress who will step in to help if you should ever need it. Venus and Mars are in your partnership house now, which is a rare event. Last month, on August 24, Venus and Mars at last conjoined in Virgo, and for you, they met in a beautiful part of your chart—your solar seventh house of marriage—in a lovely vibration.

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That conjunction added a dazzling, sexy spark between you and your current romantic partner. Alternatively, or additionally, Venus and Mars added warmth and smoothness to a business relationship if you have one, suggesting your collaboration will be strong and successful now and into the future. The full moon of September 13 will be important to you, for it will fall in Pisces, lighting your first house of personality.

It is set to bring an exciting conclusion to something dear to you. Pluto will align beautifully to that full moon, so it looks like a powerful, influential friend will have a hand in whatever happy news or event occurs. In terms of love, whether you are married or dating seriously, you will still feel the darling effects of Venus and Mars, for both planets are moving slowly apart yet are still within mathematical tolerance to help. Venus and Mars seem too happy together to want to separate, and they will impart that feeling to you regarding your partner if you have one.

Mercury, which rules your partnership house, was also in attendance and was in a position to underscore just how important partnerships are for you this month. These little planets were all in place when the new moon arrived August 30, dressed in her white silk gown, wearing white, fresh flowers in her hair, holding the arm of her partner, the Sun. When the new moon arrives each month, it marks an important moment, so the little planets crowded around this dignified pair and watched the new moon as she opened the portal to new opportunities.

Those opportunities are always related to the part of the chart where the new moon appears. This month, the new influence has to do with powerful and completely unexpected benefits from marriage and serious business partnerships and collaborations.

Depending on what seeds you put in place this month related to this area of your life, this new moon has the power to encourage a close, prosperous relationship with your partner throughout the coming year and very possibly beyond. What is so extraordinary about this new moon is that Uranus, based in compatible Taurus, in your third house of writing, speaking, editing, and other communication arts, will send a powerful, sparkly electric beam to all the little heavenly bodies in your partnership house. Uranus is the planet that delivers surprises, and when in lovely alignment to other planets, will bring several thrilling breakthroughs.

You may unexpectedly become engaged now, and if you had hoped for this to happen, you might be doing so sooner than you anticipated. Or if you are already married, you could now hear exciting news from your partner that will affect you both. If you have a business partner or collaborator, that person is likely to bring you beneficial business news that generates excitement. You could even have news regarding both a personal and business partner—these aspects are not mutually exclusive.

To see the full potential of this extraordinary month professionally, you will need a middleman to help you—a headhunter, job broker, agent or manager, publicist, lawyer, or other intermediary partner or representative—for that person will link you to a glowing, lucrative opportunity.

He or she will be worth their weight in gold now, for this person believes in you, will work hard for you, and will deliver on promises. You have Venus, Mars, Mercury, the Sun, and new moon on your side, all in Virgo, so when you are in meetings, the accuracy of details will matter a great deal this month, something to keep in mind when drawing up estimates. Additionally, with eight out of ten planets circulating in the heavens in earth signs, your approach must be realistic and practical if you are to impress a prospective client.

Your champion could be your marriage partner, steady date in love, or your agent who has worked with you for a time, and who understands your needs and is ready to passionately protect them. If you are the agent that represents others, then you will need to collaborate closely with the talent you represent. This person is especially talented, able to deliver on their potential and bring you both to the goal you have in mind. If your birthday falls on February 26, plus or minus five days, this gorgeous new moon of August 30, will strongly influence the course of events during the first ten days of September.

That person will help you and bring a plethora of surprises. If you have either Pisces rising or the natal moon in Pisces at seven degrees, plus or minus five degrees, you will also benefit in a big way. If you have a natal planet in Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn at seven degrees, plus or minus five degrees, you will see that planet light up joyfully—take notes. Saturn has been retrograde in your eleventh house of friendship and groups since April 29 and will turn direct on September If you feel your friends have not been available to you or not supportive enough, you may see a welcome change after Saturn goes direct.

If you moved to a new city and you have been consumed with the move and with the adjustment to your new job, you likely have had too little time to socialize or make new friends.

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That now changes, and life will become better, smoother, and more fun, and if you are open to meeting people, new friends will begin to populate your life. Whenever a big planet like Saturn goes from retrograde to direct, for days the planet seems not to move. That planet is preparing to do its U-turn and move in the opposite, forward direction again.

These stationary periods are considered very potent, so watch that stationary period from September 8 to September 28 when that planet will reveal a clue of what is to come next. The clue you receive might be subtle or dramatic, but once you hear it, you will know this is it. The message will be regarding a friendship, new acquaintance, or something to do with a group. If you hoped to join a club and had put in your application but still do not know whether you were accepted, you are likely to find out soon after September In a month this glorious, I think you will like the news.

If you volunteer for a charity or political candidate, you will see plans go better with fewer delays. Most people receive that message within a few days of the date the planet changes direction in your case now, close to September 18 , but it could come at any time during the stationary period I listed. Stay alert and see what you learn.

I wanted to be sure to point out September 19, when Mars and Pluto will work together, linking a friend to a partnership matter. A friend may give your agent a tip that pays off, for example. At any rate, you are likely to see talks crystalize in the way you hoped. You will also feel this energy mounting the day before, on September It will bring to exciting fullness and conclusion something meaningful to you. This will be the only full moon of to appear in Pisces, so you will notice its effect.

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Neptune, your ruling planet, will be conjunct the full moon, so the news may have something to do with a creative project of great personal expression and seems to hinge on your ability to communicate or move people emotionally. Saturn will work with this full moon too, adding his gifts of stability and long-term gain.

Certainly, with Venus and Mars, that sensuous couple positioned in your marriage house, it will be romantic and possibly even other-worldly and magical, spinning an enchanting episode. Indeed, this could work out to be the most romantic moment of the year. Hopefully, you know your partner well and have a history together because Neptune, especially since it is conjunct the full moon, can put a gossamer veil over reality so that it looks beautiful but perhaps is not realistic.

If you do know the person well, then Neptune will simply make this period memorable, soft, and romantic. Your ruler is Neptune, so I feel you understand this planet better than anyone of any other sign.

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On the other hand, as the name implies your income sector is focused on money coming in, in terms of earned income. This year you have Chiron here as well, with the planet of healing still in the first of a seven year visit. As each planet returns to your financial sector they will move into opposition and this can create some financial tension. You begin the month with the Sun, Mercury and Venus in your financial sector but with Mercury leaving on 3rd October and Venus six days later, this allows you to begin the month with a smart head for money and with heart and mind on the same page.

Even after the Sun leaves Mars will stay on, continuing to fuel your financial passions and fighting spirit through to mid November. In every sense of the word, September was a chance to regroup. It was in the final days of August that the last of a long and very busy parade of planets through your work sector left, with the whole of last month a chance to process all the developments, package them into a game plan and to look at where to from here.

It was in August that Jupiter turned direct in your career sector, with September a month that gave this giant planet a chance to get his bearings and while he was looking to the future, he was in no hurry to reach out to grab it. As you move into October that month of adjustment and of letting things settle is over and with Jupiter moving into his final two months on 3rd October, he is ready to bring things home.

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The pace is naturally increasing on the career front but because it is increasing gradually and exponentially you might not notice it. For now, because most things will start coming together when Venus returns to your career sector early next month, it is still more about moving forward in the right direction and that you are building towards something.

Even if you are not sure what that something is. The Moon will visit twice this month and this gives you a better chance to mark your progress from the start to the end of the month.

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The Moon will return from 3rd October to 5th October, with a chance to get your bearings in the early days of the month. As always, the Moon will fuel your professional instincts and imagination, while an alignment with Jupiter is a chance to check in with the planet that is the driving force here. The Moon will return on 30th October, where it will see out the month. In the meantime, a Full Moon on 14th October will fall at a friendly aspect to Jupiter so could trigger exciting developments on the income and professional fronts.

This works two ways, for with the planets in your income sector under pressure from planets on the financial front, this can turn any financial tension into both financial and professional motivation. Also read: Pisces Horoscope Anne has worked as a professional Astrologer, writing Horoscope Content for the media, public and private clients since and currently provides Horoscope Content to companies in New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, the United Kingdom and around the world.