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Therefore to assign Jupiter on the Year Column should be correct.

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Saturn is next to Jupiter. Ancient Chinese temple announced the clock time by hitting the temple bell. Venus is next to Earth. We put Venus, the Star of Metal , in the Hour column. Mercury is next to Venus. In this way, Mercury is also close to the Sun. Water is the mother element of Wood tree. Water is the mother of Fire. Fire is the mother of Earth.

Earth is the mother of Metal.

Metal is the mother of Water. The Sun can be treated as yang, king, father, bright, heaven or sky. Saturn can be treated as yin, queen, mother, dark, hell or ground.

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Five planets have the Mother-and-Child relationship next to each other. The Wood of Jupiter is the mother of the Fire of Mars. The Moon is a part of the Earth. Our Earth is in the Earth group. The Fire of Mars is the mother element of the Earth. The Earth is the mother element of the Metal of Venus. The Metal of Venus is the mother element of the Water of Mercury. The solar system is a small harmonious systematic universe. The Fire of the Sun is the mother element of Earth of Saturn. The planets of Uranus and Neptune are behind the Saturn. The color of Uranus and Neptune are pale blue.

They are in the Water group.

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That implies Saturn contains invisible Water. A Tree Wood needs Water and Earth to grow. Saturn contains the mother element of Wood of Jupiter. The major five planets of the solar system allocated in the Chinese astrology birth chart are in a harmony mode of Five Elements. Wood plants and human beings have a similar life cycle, which is connected to four seasons. Five Elements have a relationship with seasons too. Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water connected to spring, summer, season changes, autumn, and winter respectively.

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Plants grow leaves in the green spring and bloom in the hot summer. Dry autumn is the harvest season and cold winter is the withering period. The spring and summer are growing period. Autumn and winter are connected to old age. Therefore, the Year Column has a connection with people's early years. Therefore, the Hour Column has a connection with people's late years. The periods in-between season changings are connected to Earth. Earth and Saturn are in the Earth group. They are in the center of the birth chart.

The positions of five planets in the Chinese astrology birth chart fits the life cycle of living beings. All Chinese imperial palaces face the south. The chair of the emperor is on the north side of the main meeting hall. The Sun represents the emperor. The Saturn, the queen, should sit next to the emperor. The left-handed side of the emperor is toward the east.

Jupiter is there. The Wood of Jupiter is connected to kindness in the Five Elements. Jupiter can represent the civil officer. Mars is next and under Jupiter. The Wood of Jupiter can help Fire of Mars to burn. Fire is connected to civilization. Jupiter helps to develop culture and civilization. The right-handed side of the emperor is Mercury. The Water of Mercury is connected to the wisdom providing advice to the emperor. The Metal of Venus is connected to the weapon, which is the law and forces. The Earth and the Moon are the people under the kingdom of the Sun.

All emperors of Chinese dynasties educated Chinese people that the emperor owned the nation was God willing. The emperor is the son of heaven. The Sun represents the emperor and the Earth represents the people in the birth chart. T he Elements have to do with your way of Being , with the basic foundations of your life. The distinction is very ancient.

Astrologers gave these groupings the names of what at the time were thought to be the four elements: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. Today we know that Earth and Air are mixtures, Water a compound, and Fire a chemical reaction. Nevertheless, the distinctive traits of the element groupings still hold true. In simplest terms, Fire is inspirational, Earth is practical, Air is intellectual, and Water is emotional.

What is the difference between an Element and a Quality? Qualities show how we Act.

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In astrology, there are three ways. We can charge right in and solve the immediate problem the Cardinal Signs , Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn take our time, consider the long range consequences, and take action based on principle the Fixed Signs , Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius or endlessly discuss things and reach a decision based on negotiation and compromise the Mutable Signs , Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Elements introduce another dimension. For instance, we can act directly Cardinal action inspirationally Fire emotionally Water intellectually Air or practically Earth.

If you have a majority at least five planets in any one element, the characteristics of that element will stand out and be clearly recognizable in your life. A word of warning.

We will see this with some of the examples below. Also, before we start, it is important to remember that everybody has every element represented somewhere in their horoscope. Even if there are no planets in one element, the signs of that element and the planets that rule those signs must be placed somewhere on the wheel. That means that the effects will come out somewhere in your life. Knowledge of astrology will tell you the place.

On the positive side, this is confidence, inspiration, self-assuredness. On the negative side, this can be a total lack of empathy, the inability to believe that other people are alive and have rights. A negative example would be Henri Landru , the serial killer who married ten women, got them to take all their money out of the bank, and then made them disappear.

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He had Eight planets in fire signs. Six of these were in Aries direct action in his 12th House psychological problems. Landru had the planet Saturn standing out by chart shape in his 8th House death. He also had Pluto the natural ruler of the 8th House powerfully placed right on his Ascendant. Pluto and the 8th House can heal as well as kill. His horoscope also gave him the potential to become a doctor!

Pete Rose is a somewhat more positive example. His chart has five planets in fire signs, and fire gives energy and enthusiasm. Marlon Brando has five fire planets. His whole life was fiery, from the wild affairs and stormy marriages to running off to Tahiti. Like many people who are successful in show business, he has Jupiter expansion, optimism, luck in aspect to his Mid-Heaven career.

Morgan had six fire planets. He built an empire, ruled Wall Street, and personally pulled the economy out of several financial crises. The energy and enthusiasm of his fire sign planets was funneled to accumulation of material resources because his Moon in Virgo was the only placement in an Earth Sign.

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Earth is practical, solid, slow but steady. Earth sees the mountain, period. Anything else is, to an earth sign, mere speculation. Louis Pasteur had eight planets in Earth Signs , six of them in Capricorn. Pasteur was originally a chemist. He was the first to discover that some crystals could be right-handed or left-handed.

But inspiration comes from Fire signs. Pluto , planet of extremes death and rebirth was his only placement in a Fire sign. It was located in his 5th house creativity and it made a close trine aspect degrees with his Mid-Heaven career.

Of course, Pasteur is best known for his work fighting microbes. Compare the different paths chosen by Pasteur and Henri Landru. His other Singleton was the Moon in Gemini. It was his only Air sign placement.