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Large bodies of water tend to fascinate you, especially if you can couple this love with a creative venture such as photographing the ocean. You do not mind having to give something up if it means you can aid someone else. In order to remain stable and secure in your emotions, you must find an outlet for the creativity within. You are interested in subjects pertaining to the mystical realm and may even have a knack for this field if you can properly focus your energies. You are very sensitive to the energy around you and can easily be influenced by negative people or circumstances.

It would be beneficial for you to stay in beautiful environments with limited tension as much as possible. In fact, you probably go to a great length of trouble to keep tensions out of the interactions you have with others, preferring to always keep your dealings harmonious.

You are very giving with your efforts to come to the aid of people who may need you; serving people is part of your path and you value it highly. It is possible that you may have visions of the future while you sleep. You are aware that anything worth having may require some sacrifice and time.

Effective, detail-oriented, and organised, your word is your bond as you have a realistic view on what can and cannot be achieved. Your ability to focus allows you to work diligently until you have completed your task and when you do something, you make sure to do it right. Highly capable, you succeed at whatever you decide to fully take on.

You are dutiful and never skirt your responsibilities. However, many times you take certain actions only because you feel as though you are obligated to. You have a timid or quiet sort of demeanour, though this does not make others feel uneasy when in your presence. Being the centre of attention is not something you seek, as you are not interested in displaying yourself for others. At either home or your work environment, you prefer to have things be neat and orderly. There is a likelihood that you may prosper by those more advanced in their age. People in respectable positions tend to want to see you succeed as they are intuitively aware of your dedication to all that you undertake.

Leadership comes naturally to you and you understand just what needs to be done to further your goals. Mentally you are realistic, thoughtful, and demanding. You do not take well to others telling you how to do something as you prefer to think through it yourself thoroughly, analyse it, and come to your own conclusions as to what needs doing and how. In your world, beauty and magic are everywhere! You are drawn to the metaphysical realm and strive to comprehend the meaning of all that you come across.

There is a strong bond between you and the world at large; you are at one with humans, animals, and the forces at work.

Astrology of the Heart: Astro-Shamanism

You have a great amount of empathy and care deeply for others, always willing to come to the aid of those who need you. Expressing yourself creatively, whether this is through artistic, musical, or acting pursuits, is essential to your happiness in life. Although, your strong idealism and romanticism can do well with some practicality.

You are full of hopes and dreams that you are able to attain if only you can apply yourself. Karmic endeavours in past lives have set you up to build on your psychic abilities and turn them into reality by aiding those you come across in this life. You are able to remove yourself from your earthly self and connect spiritually when in need of advice. You have a particular fondness for the arts, higher principles, and sophistication. Premonitions or guidance may come to you in odd forms. Delicate emotionally, you will avoid conflict if possible.

You possess a magnetic quality and an almost magical allure. Philosophy and acquiring knowledge are important to you and you tend towards idealism. However, you are often accepting of others views, despite them differing from your own. You have keen intuition and a sensitive, creative mind that may lead to mystical abilities. Nothing is impossible for you if you truly desire it. In your mind, you are undefeatable and are not ruffled in the slightest by statistics or challenging circumstances.

Inwardly you may be a bit obsessive but you are able to mask your wishes and purpose, as well as the strength of your emotions. Something in your core compels you towards what you consider to be your fate and you strive for acknowledgement of your skills and efforts. You may thirst for control and respect, leading you full steam ahead regardless of the consequences. It is important to you that you are a master in at least one thing.

You invoke strong reactions in others as they either adore you or despise you, though either way they will feel something powerful drawing them towards you like a magnet, almost as if hypnotised. It is possible that you may create many adversaries on your rise to success. Be mindful that karma will always come back to you so make sure to put in what you would like to receive. You have immense energy inside and can use this for either beneficial aims or destructive ones, regardless the impact will be great.

There is a desire to change things somehow, to reform them perhaps into something that is more in line with your person. You tend to excel in leading roles and assume them almost without trying. You are not afraid to bend the guidelines or take risks and require a good deal of independence emotionally.

You can go from one mood to the next with little warning. Your type of comedy tends to be unconventional or a bit out there and you are not opposed to behaving like a madman to make others, or yourself, laugh. All progressive matters or concepts are right up your alley and you are intolerant of old-fashioned, close-minded views. You are drawn to those who do not follow the traditional way of life and are either highly artistic or downright odd. You prefer to live your life by following your intuitive perception wherever it may lead. There are moments when you have made your mind up about something and you are completely immoveable from your position; it would do you well to counter your feelings in these times.

In fact, it would be beneficial for you to learn some self-restraint in general. You are susceptible to accidents due to your impatience and lack of focus. You are unhappy in the mundane and therefore will go out of your way to make situations thrilling and fun. You prefer being active at all times; staying in any one situation for the long-term is not easy for you. Boredom is torturous in your opinion and so you will get involved in as many endeavours as possible to foster some excitement.

However, you find it difficult to stay with your projects long enough to actually finish them. Mentally you are imaginative and innovative. You can get quite creative when you channel yourself correctly. You may be interested in the mystical realm or astrological topics. Your romantic partnerships usually occur unexpectedly and tend to finish in the same abrupt manner.

There is a battle going on inside, the conformist versus the rebel, traditionalist versus the progressive, the realist versus the dreamer, conventional versus the alternative. Pressure builds up while you are fighting within, this then that then back again. There is an opportunity with this placement to combine these traits in a way that will be beneficial to humanity in some way.

Much hard work will be required to achieve this goal, but it is definitely attainable. You are able to create progressive changes by dedicating yourself to an idea. You complete the things you start as you can instinctively feel which methods would be best used to realistically attain these feats. Allow yourself the time needed as you can become impatient and burst emotionally during stressful moments, only to feel regretful once your temper calms down.

It is important that you develop a way to sooth yourself during these moments as they may cause you to act rashly. Much of your outrage is due to your tendency to keep your emotions bottled up until you cannot control them any further, and then you erupt. You need to learn how to express these feelings in more positive ways before they reach an intolerable level. Consider visualisation, breathing techniques, or meditative exercises to channel your tension.

You are able to find a perfect balance between independence and connecting with others. You are self-sufficient, doing just fine alone whenever needed. Previous lives were used to master your emotional reactions and they are now harmonious. Good karma draws good fortune to you in all aspects: status, home-life, friendship, respect, healthiness, and monetary assets. Naturally capable and talented, you soar to the top either by gaining the respect and admiration of those in high places who will aid you on your journey, or you yourself find an area of expertise where you create your own success.

Both the external and internal forces at work for you are blended harmoniously, making your life a bit easier than it could otherwise be. All of your challenges are aided by this aspect and despite the obstacles, you will find tranquillity.

Birth Chart: Michael Erlewine (Cancer)

Confident and driven, you have a tremendous amount of self-discipline and will do whatever it takes to succeed. You are aware of what it is that you wish to accomplish and the best way to go about it. Often the one leading a group, others rely on you to pave the path. You are opinionated and direct in communicating your viewpoints, always ready to fight for the things you value.

When you see a way to improve something, you work hard towards reconstruction. You have the will-power, the perseverance, and the dedication to achieve whatever you set your mind to. At times, you may become so focused on your work that you continue forward even when you are completely exhausted; tunnel-vision is likely when you have taken on a project. This tendency is detrimental to your physical health and you must find a way to pace yourself and make time for relaxation.

You have a strong character though you keep this low-key as you choose to keep out of the limelight. Preferring to be in the decision maker, you are often the one taking the lead in social situations and dislike anyone else trying to govern your life. However, it would do you well to develop tolerance for the way others do things and learn to be part of the team rather than acting director.

Mystery appeals to you and you enjoy delving into the depths to discover all things hidden. If you channel your energies correctly, you may have an ability to heal others. Investigation comes naturally to you and you access individuals and circumstances effectively and correctly; not much gets passed your keen observation. Shallow interactions are of no interest to you and you prefer deeper, more meaningful ways to use your time.

Verbal conflict and confrontation are not enjoyable to you though you will engage in them when you feel they are required. You are well able to keep yourself from projecting angry feelings outwardly, though when you happen to allow them to seep out, your emotions will burst forward intensely and others may need to stay out of your way until you cool down. You may be rude, ill-mannered, or personally unhygienic and these traits often aggravate others. There is a tendency towards laziness and a dislike of hard work.

You believe that this sort of labour is meant for someone else, and you will watch others work while you relax, with a clear conscience. You are able to tell what people desire and sweet-talk them into doing what you want; being truthful is no concern of yours.

You feel like there are two different people at war within you and this wreaks havoc for you personally. Sometimes you will become so accommodating with those you love that you become someone else and wind up feeling miserable in the end. You are unsure what exactly it is that you want out of a romantic partnership, someone to take care of you or someone to be on an equal level with.

When you feel emotionally unsatisfied, you can over-indulge in rich foods. You are prone to over-eating sweets and richer cuisine in general, as you can be rather insecure. You may question your self-worth or attractiveness, despite people expressing otherwise. Try to develop a backbone and fight for the things that matter to you, or for yourself when necessary.

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You crave genuine care and affection for emotional security, and if you believe that this may be removed from your life, you start to fall apart. Your warmth stands on its own, though you must curb your possessive habits. Love transcends many lifetimes and we never fully say goodbye.

Instead, we are brought back together in the next life. Keep an eye on your finances as they can run away from you more rapidly than you can acquire them. You have a habit of indulging yourself too much as well as expecting your surroundings to be luxurious. Rather than do the work necessary to fix something, you will often sweep problems under the rug. You may feel as though you are not good enough just as yourself and you are constantly monitoring how popular you are. It is important for you to learn how to be brave and express your concerns when you have them.

Sometimes you care so much about what people will think of you that you steer clear of any confrontation. However, your road to happiness involves building integrity and fighting for the things you believe in, as this will allow you to be truly who you are deep down. You are of the mindset that if you try hard enough to achieve a goal, you will eventually do so. There is an awareness of when things should be done and an intuition regarding what methods would be effective, and which ones would not be. Competition can be fun for you and you remain cheerful throughout the challenge.

However, this competition is mostly done on your own, as you like to push yourself farther than you have before. Revenge is not something that you usually engage in as you prefer to let go of whatever wrongs others have done you. What you find truly interesting are things that broaden your mind, such as higher learning, spiritual matters, philosophical concepts, or travel.

Being active and out in nature appeals to your adventurous spirit. If you could develop self-discipline, you are likely to do well in sporty activities. You exude positivity and greet the world with enthusiasm. Money comes easily to you and therefore you are likely to waste it too readily. You give of yourself and your possessions freely. What happens in the future is not troubling to you as you trust in the universe to provide you with your necessities.

Others see you as honourable and honest in your dealings. It is rare that you allow anger to dwell within you for very long; usually you are apt to let things go easily as you believe that staying upset would only be wasteful. When times are tough, you are still able to maintain your optimism and continue to be kind and considerate towards others. The old-fashioned way of doing things is not for you and you will not pay old traditions any mind when you are making your decisions.

Searching for new experiences, you are always ready and willing to go off on a random adventure. You enjoy keeping up to date with all of the newest technology and often are the first to have the latest gadgets and gizmos.

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You are very independent and need a great deal of space to venture forward into the world. Progressive and innovative, you strive for change and reform of some sort. You think outside the box and can be madly brilliant with finding creative answers to whatever problem you are presented with. Artistic and highly intuitive, you must find an outlet to express these gifts. You are able to remove yourself from the lower impulses of human nature and call on your more enlightened self for guidance and purpose.

Many times situations sort of just happen to you, spontaneously and seemingly at random; you can never quite know what to expect in your life. Some unseen force seems to be protecting you as you can get big breaks just when you felt time were running out. Frequent fluctuations and transformations are likely to be part of your life and aid you in improving yourself and the lives of others.

Intuitively you are aware that these fluctuations are good for you and are therefore welcoming of them. You find yourself striving to better the world, and you are able to do this peacefully and lawfully, without causing strife or disharmony. They behave as actors in a production. What is happening on stage?

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  5. The signs in astrology are the way that the actors behave on stage. How are they living their life, in their highest good or in their shadow? The signs describe in detail how the actor might react, behave or conduct themselves. How to Learn Astrology? As the curator of a very large astrological library, I have a good idea what students of astrology are looking for, and one thing that is needed are plenty of accurate diagrams and illustrations.

    The old saying that a picture is worth 1, words is especially true with astrology, and that is why I was interested in creating a course such as this one. No book publisher would consider allowing us to have almost one thousand color illustrations, which is why we chose the e-book format.? And I wanted something more than just the same old same-old.

    Of course all the basics are there. But in addition to the traditional material, I felt it important to cover what is required for you to become a professional astrologer, how to start an astrological business, setting up an office, advertising, and all of that mundane but very important information. Equally important is the detailed section on how to become an astrological counselor, how to do readings, and what to expect from your clients and from yourself.?

    I hope you enjoy it as much as I did putting it together.? Used by permission. Unit Three Time 74 Animals that move slowly, animals that move quickly Unit 3: Time Image courtesy of: Microsoft clipart Focus: Animals that move slowly and quickly linked with time Whole class activity.

    Faculty of Science and Engineering Placements Stand out from the competition! Be prepared for your Interviews Interviews Getting an invitation to attend for an interview means you has passed the first. Astrology: Fact or Fiction? Maybe you are just dead, reliving. Eastern All of you should have linked to the GoTo Webinar meeting room through the web. A spread is a pattern of laying out cards where specific. Three Treasures Circle Qigong Introduction We practice this process to remind ourselves of what is true now In this moment, and beyond all time.

    We are separate, individual and unique, And there is no. John The Message The most important thing. Inside you ll learn how to: Figure. Related Standards and Background Information Earth Patterns, Cycles and Changes This strand focuses on student understanding of patterns in nature, natural cycles, and changes that occur both quickly and.

    As a member of the Student Leadership Team you will help cast vision.

    The 9 Secrets to Signing up Clients Without Selling Do you wish you could attract plenty of clients, so you never have to sell again? Imagine having an endless supply of great clients who approach you. The Doctor-Patient Relationship It s important to feel at ease with your doctor. How well you are able to talk with your doctor is a key part of getting the care that s best for you.

    It s also important. Most growers ignore the phases of the moon when the.

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    That, coupled with the fact that More information. Overview of the Lesson More information. Psychology A Lecture 3. Please be sure to save a copy of this activity to your computer! No part of this work may be More information. Anne Massey, May be reprinted for personal, non-commercial use. Permission must be Page 1 of 5 Planetary symbols Astrologers use glyphs to denote planets, signs and aspects. Symbols are rich with meaning; the first form of More information. The degree or location in the sky where the Moon and Sun conjunct in Aries changes each year.

    Fox Transit Report for Michael J. Angel Guidance Messages of Love and Guidance A beautiful expanded collection of messages inspired from the daily Angel Wisdom that Sharon Taphorn channels and shares with thousands of readers around the world. Each message contains thought provoking More information. The Planets? Standards:This activity addresses More information.

    Aries is: energetic, brave, confident, impatient, moody, short tempered A horoscope cannot tell you what is going to happen, to you or to anybody else. Psychologists use horoscopes to understand and help people who are upset More information. Zinkhan, University More information. Before More information. For More information. Jyotish Sanskrit for Science of Light , is based More information.

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    One of the most dominant More information. Going Deeper into Retrogrades 1 Going Deeper into Retrogrades In our annual Hot Degrees tables we list eclipses, major aspects and all the points at which planets make retrograde and direct stations during the coming year. At these More information. A very worldly and physical perspective on the More information. God wants us to More information. The positive male god force from the More information. Journey to other celestial objects. Bhavartha Ratnakara.

    Chapter 1. Lagna Bhavartha Ratnakara Contents 1.

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    Dhana yogas - Combinations for poverty - Education More information. The symbol of life is a circle, More information. This lab will introduce you to the layout of the night sky: constellations and stars, their names and the patterns they make, and the More information. They More information. Joys of the Planets. By Mari Garcia Joys of the Planets By Mari Garcia T he Joys of the Planets and the Planetary Joys are two traditional planetary conditions that modern astrologers either ignore completely or those who practice traditional More information.

    Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and More information. Alchemical Symbols and Symbolism: An Exploration. Timothy O. How can I improve my interviewing skills? Wrap More information. Solar System. Trading Cards. It is in loving that we are most like him, so love is the foundation More information. Look at Our Galaxy. Space and Technology. Scott Foresman Reading Street 2. Technical Writing. Identify characteristics of More information. Because of this, scientists have had to come up with new categories More information. There are some techniques and methods More information.

    Have More information. And to one he gave five talents, to another two, More information. Lesson 3 Understanding Distance in Space optional Lesson 3 Understanding Distance in Space optional Background The distance between objects in space is vast and very difficult for most children to grasp. The values for these distances are cumbersome More information. Animals that move slowly, animals that move quickly Unit Three Time 74 Animals that move slowly, animals that move quickly Unit 3: Time Image courtesy of: Microsoft clipart Focus: Animals that move slowly and quickly linked with time Whole class activity More information.

    The Vargottama ascendant very strong. Faculty of Science and Engineering Placements. Stand out from the competition! Be prepared for your Interviews Interviews Getting an invitation to attend for an interview means you has passed the first More information. How does God want us to live? What does He want us to do? How are we to treat others?

    Maybe you are just dead, reliving More information. The More information. Eastern All of you should have linked to the GoTo Webinar meeting room through the web More information. Writing a Personal Statement for Teaching Applications. A spread is a pattern of laying out cards where specific More information. We are separate, individual and unique, And there is no More information. Introduction to AstroApp Financial Edition. John The Message The most important thing More information. Inside you ll learn how to: Figure More information.

    Related Standards and Background Information Related Standards and Background Information Earth Patterns, Cycles and Changes This strand focuses on student understanding of patterns in nature, natural cycles, and changes that occur both quickly and More information. As a member of the Student Leadership Team you will help cast vision More information. Do you wish you could attract plenty of clients, so you never have to sell again? Imagine having an endless supply of great clients who approach you More information.

    It s also important More information. Most growers ignore the phases of the moon when the More information. It is my pleasure to welcome families, friends, teachers, and our. Earlier this morning, I spoke to More information. The Franchise due diligence process The Franchise due diligence process The purpose of this article is to assist those with an interest to own their franchise and use an investigative process and to set the stage for subsequent interaction More information.

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