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After the reading I email you an.

The Healing Power of Evolutionary Astrology

More info on mini-readings is here. I also offer classes and workshops, and give talks in the Ashland, Oregon area. My events page is here. If you would like to be on my email list and be notified of my events, please email me see button at the left on this page and let me know that. I don't send out many emails. You may or phone me at to schedule a session, or for further information about my work, or about Evolutionary Astrology.

Subscribe to my event notification email list Be sure to reply to the confirmation email - check your spam folder if it doesn't arrive. Hello, thank you for visiting my web site. Evolutionary Astrology EA is Soul astrology, Pluto astrology, astrology of transformation and growth. It was developed by Jeffrey Wolf Green. Thank you for honoring me with your visit to my website. EA addresses the questions:. Realizing our Greatness, Receiving Grace Emboldening us for the future. Swirl with new movement. Let yourself Go.

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Many pallets of harmonics. How do you want to see your world. Who do you want to play with? How do you want to be treated? Create what you want. Program your vision, weave your love into them. Your future road map is in your heart. I bring a direct and very grounded approach to the revealing of the Soul. I align, ground and create greater access to the Core….. Enabling you with the inner authority to direct your life. Invigorating renewed strength into the very foundation of Being. Whether it is an Astrology Reading or an Unwind the Soul Healing, the depth of her readings is both loving and soul penetrating.

The profound information that comes forth pierces the veil of past lives and gives insight to better navigate this one. I know I'm hearing the truth. I'm grateful to gain a deeper understanding in answer to the age old question, "why am I the way I am this lifetime? Juliet Butters Doty has been passionately involved in the healing arts for the past 28 years. Juliet is dedicated to Mastery of the Soul.

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Juliet spent ten rigorous years studying and practicing mystery school arts in Australia, where she committed to freeing the soul through dedicated practices, great personal sacrifices and deep surrender. She mastered multiple healing modalities and broadened her mystical understanding during that time. We all have the ability to unravel and return to full communion, reclaim our rightful sovereignty and freedom. Juliet has literally given thousands of healings over the years and is adept with piercing sight to see, feel and hear the needs of each individual.

She restores herself in nature through swimming, hiking and walking her dog on the beach and in the forest. Juliet currently resides in Hawaii with her husband, their dog, and her son close by. Speak with Juliet on She will transport you and connect you to spirit. Her voice is exquisite too".

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During that time, I have had the benefit of receiving many of her in-person and long-distance Healing Sessions, as well as participated in her Guided Meditation gatherings and enjoyed her mp3 Recordings. Always she is incisive and clear in her quest to assist you to the bottom of all that obstructs you from your clear seeing, feeling, acting and being…. Lynne Matejcek. Ashland, Oregon. As a result of utilizing and maintaining daily practices I learned during the Unwind the Soul Workshop, I have felt a cellular shift and upliftment in every area of my life.

Crystal Arnold. Before I met Juliet I was feeling stuck and doubting how to move forward. But the unique healing and insight Juliet offered me has affected me in a deep and lasting way. I felt great relief and like I have a new ally in Juliet, and new skills, awareness and understanding that will support me in leading a fulfilling life. Juliet has achieved a super human mastery when it comes to her sight and ability to communicate the dynamics within my many bodies. I am currently a stay-at-home mom with two children under 4.

I was feeling spiritually lost, directionless, frustrated with past professional experiences, and stuck in self-judgement. After these sessions, I have felt significant change in my personal and professional life. I interact differently with my husband. I am more certain and clear about who I am and the gifts I bring. I have had creative solutions come to me professionally, and am able to bring fresh energy to a challenging relationship, while pursuing further education to develop my career.

Juliet has been available as questions arise, and I sense she cares deeply about lasting transformation of her clients. Thank you! I reached out to Juliet to learn how to navigate through the lessons of these recent intense planetary transits within my chart and to learn the lessons of my soul's evolution. I have had readings from several astrologers over the years Juliet is truly very knowledgeable within the realm of the esoteric and she is a beautiful gem with a very warm, loving approach who really tells you like it is.

If you are feeling confused or stuck and feel like you need some support to move through and forward with your shadows, please seek out Juliet for a reading.

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You will not be disappointed. Game Changing Times in Progress. Coastal International Inn. Anchorage Alaska. Our Emotional body's are rebooting. Karmic memories will be brought to the surface to clear, over the next months. What's is all about? Come and listen to some straight talking about Astrology to explain what is building and why.

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The Aquarian Age is almost here and much needs to be reconstructed. What is happening for you and where are you experiencing it? Devotional Chanting. Discussion of Astrological current transits and how we are all affected Grounding the evening with a Guided Meditation Journey. So excited to share what is going on in the heavens astrologically and more to the point, what we are building towards.

I will talk a little on the Astrological happenings of , including January and all of next year. Let me know you are attending so we know how many to prepare for mahalo in advance. Navigating the Karmic Tides;. I am personally confident that we humans are capable of changing ourselves, capable of evolution. None of us is limited to a 'nature' that is cast in stone by the positions of the planets. As we change ourselves, we make different choices and thus create different futures.

Commenting on his strong emphasis on choice and free will, O, The Oprah Magazine declared that "Forrest's approach. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Steven Forrest. Yesterday's Sky: Astrology and Reincarnation. Retrieved February 4, Retrieved January 30, Archived from the original on The Matrix Interviews: Astrologers in Person. North Carolina Digital Heritage Center. October 14, , p. October The Essential Guide to Practical Astrology. December 5, , p.