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Your bedroom is getting plenty of use this weekend! This could be the weekend you find the LOYL —just kidding, but seriously, the potential to have some kickass sex is just too damn high for you to just stay at home!

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This is a great transit for your sex life, and it stays just as action-packed all week long! With all of the Virgoan energy in the stars this week, the chances of you going out with your boo even for date night are slim to none—you just wanna stay in! You have one thing on your mind this weekend—getting laid!

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Make the most of it and see how many phone numbers you can get, because on Thursday, Mercury enters Virgo and then your life really does become all about working! You have a good weekend of hanging out with your friends, but once Monday morning rolls around and you clock into work, the grueling work and constant busyness of Virgo season hits you like a truck. This is the most productive time of year, and everything becomes a job or a duty, including your love life.

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Let your boo recline and take it easy while you service them in bed this week. The planet of love, Venus, just entered your sign, and just in time for your birthday weekend, too! Happy birthday! You always say that life would be soooo much easier if people just listened to what you told them, so why not bring that energy to the bedroom? Happy birthday, Virgo!

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This weekend, your sex life is all about what you want to do. Virgo season is the quietest your love life has been in, like, forever! A regular night out with the squad this weekend takes a strange turn when you end up going home with one of your friends!

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How do you feel about those? With all of the earthy Virgo energy going on in the stars right now, your love life is on the back burner while your job is your first priority. Uranus, planet of surprises, teams up with Venus on Monday, though, so the chance for some action presents itself at the start of the work week! Maybe you and a coworker might get a little frisky in the break room? If you could have things your way, you and your boo would find one favorite place to go for date night, one position that you both got off easily in, and stick with them for the rest of forever.

You love a good routine, but even your sign wants to shake things up this weekend when Venus and Mars connect in Virgo! Inspiration and romance will falling directly on your lap! Alas, just when Virgo season starts heating up, the Sun quietly shifts into a new astrological sign.

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Libra season begins on September 23, marking the official end of your birthday. Over the next few weeks, Libra energy will activate the area of your chart associated with personal finances, which means exciting new money-making opportunities are just around the corner. Everyone can always use a little extra cash, so consider which areas of your life would benefit the most from additional financial padding. What matters to you, Virgo darling? What are the issues that really speak to your soul?

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New Moons mark the beginning of new cycles, so under this dark sky, reflect on your non-physical resources, as well. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

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