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They enjoy a life with structure, when the plan is solid success will come. They like surrounding themselves with like minded people or people that make them look better just by association. Growing up they may not have had the easiest life or maybe they had the life, but no one to appreciate the work they put in.

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They may have trouble expressing their real feelings or digging deep into what they feel. They need someone that can protect their hearts. A few physical characteristics you may find in the capricorn ascendant are, smooth deep voices. When in a resting state they will often times seem stern. They have nice noses and it usually connects to their brow bone giving them the perfect T-zone.

Posting and interacting with others, getting feedback on my thoughts etc, helps develop my studies. If any of my information seems off or incorrect, please tell me. If it resonates, let me know! I am not going to go into a lot of detail because this is not purely an astrology blog. If person one has a virgo sun and person two has a capricorn sun, the aspect of their sun signs are trine.

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This means they get along easily because they have similar and compatible mentalities. They tend to get along, until you get into the aspects of their moon signs and so on, those parts of their personalities might not be compatible. You can also use aspects to learn about your own personality through analyzing your birth chart.

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Here is a post explaining more information about other kinds of aspects. Signs are all a combination of an element and a modality. Here are some general buzzwords, and a better understanding comes from seeing the many ways they are described and understanding the subtle differences. So this is a basic intro! Houses divide the sky into twelve pie pieces, and each house represents a different part of life, so houses add significant specificity to chart interpretation.

I have described them in some detail below. Houses are particularly important in chart interpretation because they change faster than any other…. View On WordPress. The houses are the areas of life and environments in which we find ourselves. Environmental experiences. The terrain in which you navigate.

An empty house does not mean there is a lack of activity but the absence of a serious problem in that area of life. With no planets in a house there is a potential for more freedom of…. Sagittarius - Natural born explorers, they are often reckless and waiting on the action to begin. As direct as they can be, often times they are so likable that people will try and look past offensive things they may say. Sagittarius ascendant have a natural burst of positivity that will shine through even when they are angry, and this may bother people around them.

They are extremely opinionated and will share them with people whether or not they really want to know or not. This ascendant has a wonderful confidence about themselves, and will often try to find the humor in things no matter what. The easy going nature of this sign is loved by many and often times they will use it to try and join people together. They love when the people around them are happy and will feed off of the energies. They do not like routine and will get bored of repetitive things fast. They adapt easily and can be of help in many situations however they do need to work on focus.

A few physical characteristics you may see in the Sagittarius ascendant are, happy eyes, they typically have nicely shaped long faces. The men are often tall an will have large feet and hands. This ascendant typically has a lean body but can put on weight from their intense love of food. They have wide foreheads and button noses. Moon signs and all the other planets are quite similar, each planet falls in a certain zodiac sign based on their positions in space at the moment you were born.

And, in turn, each of these planets represents an aspect of your personality. The moon for example is your inner self. This means that while my genera framework, or sun sign, is Virgo, I think like an Aries. I have an Aries moon. Venus is love, Mars is sex, ect.

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The Internet is full of information on astrology, and can probably explain it way better than I can. I have had a lot of people ask me where to start if they want to get into astrology. Even as a practicing astrologer, I will on still reference these. I feel they all provide a firm foundation of information along with a bit of guidance and activities to….

Now we get into familiar territory, the zodiac signs. I feel like these archetypes have been beaten to death. But they are one of the staples of the astrological language. These are the lenses, the descriptors, the filters, the adjectives that describe how the planets are expressing themselves. Some planets do better expressing themselves in certain signs and not as well in others, this is the….

I actually wanna learn more about astrology, but whenever I search for astrology posts all I find is the meme posts… So if anyone has any suggestions for astrology blogs that actually make astrology posts to follow, I would appreciate it. Log in Sign up. Extremely basic astrology. How you think, intelligence, and how you communicate with others Venus- basically describes your heart. Astrology chart basics overview. Astrology Basics: Sun, Moon, Ascendant. Plz help? Of course!

Ask scorpiofactsdaily a question asks astrology basics that-is-alot-of-nipples. I was born Nov 30th, at 9 PM. I'm a sagittarius, and that's all I know. Am I a moon cause I was born at night?? What planet am I? Ask inchwormies a question asks are always open!! Im excited to answer this ask!!! Ask gg-astrology a question sun and moon astrology asks astrology basics sun and moon functions archetypes sun and moon in astrology anon asks. Leo female: The Knockout. Source: Sextrology. If it wouldnt be too much trouble, could I get a brief description on how the houses work?

Sorry, if its been done before just ignore this! Ask cutiezodixc a question astrology basics op. Leo male: The Natural.

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Source: Astrology. Cancer male: The Player. Principle: The Mother Principle. Sign glyph: The Cancer emblem is a crab. Polarity: Males in female earth, water signs are not aligned with the gender polarity of the sign and thus enact instead of embody the quality-element combination of the sign.

Sign Number: 4 The number of structure, completion, and protection - the square is the most solid of objects. Single Age Association: The age of the bridgegroom. Ryhan Butler on Twitter. What do I mean by that and how is this helpful? Let's find out! Ryhan Butler twitter astrology planetary essences astrology basics planetary basics learn astrology. Libras are respectful and prefer to not take part in fights, instead, they try to resolve problems in the best way possible: with calm, charisma and patience. They emit a peaceful vibe. The are ruled by venus, the planet of love and beauty. Gemini : As well as Virgo, Gemini is also ruled by mercury the planet of communication.

Geminis love to talk about everything, with everyone. They love to read and learn. They are playful and curious.

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They see life as an school, always waiting for the next lesson. They love to travel, to write and to have fun, but still learn in the process. Gemini has a lot of mental energy that can sometimes turn into anxiety. I would recommend them to meditate so they can turn off this mental energy off for a little while. It would also help them to have a platform where they can talk about everything that they learn. Aquarius : Ruled by Uranus, the planet of Rebellion. They will always find a way to stand out of the crowd. They value individualism, originality and creativity.

They will be the first ones to stand up for the ones who need it the most. Might seem detached for some, but in reality they just value equality, so they are always giving the same amount of love to everyone. Read about the water signs here If your sun sign is not one of these but you resonate deeply with the air signs, check out your natal chart. First House: Virgo. Ask onedirection-astrology a question anon ask mercury astrology basics compatibility. Ask onedirection-astrology a question anon ask astrology basics compatibility.

And while you are correct, you must know that they are also very sensual, warm and open. A gourmet gift basket of delicious chocolates, plush pillows, cashmere blankets and cooking gadgets are perfect gifts for birthday for the members of this zodiac sign. Gemini May 21 — June 20 — This is a chameleon of zodiac.

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Two-faced, talkative, smart, highly intelligent, curious and secret-haters, people born under this sign will surely enjoy a nice book, journal, stationary, decorative jewelry box, unique picture frame. Also, sensual perfumes would be perfect gifts for birthday for Gemini.

Cancer June 21 — July 22 — Just like their crab symbol, Cancer people are tough on the inside and soft on the inside. They are very sentimental, warm and loyal and put family, love and home before anything. They love anything that has personal meaning, so anything handmade will delight them. Also, since home is very important to them, gifting them anything that relates to home such as throw pillows, candles, dinnerware, glassware, cooking and baking gadgets will certainly hit the jackpot.

They are also found of drinks so a nice bottle of quality wine would be a perfect choice. Leo July 23 — August 22 — This is the celebrity of the zodiac. Leo is always concern with health and beauty. Business Divination d. Face to Face Divination. Please choose either. Gold ver. Green ver. Orange ver. Pink ver. Blue ver. PDF divination book b. I wish to have the results of divination written directly in the mail. Please choose whether you would like a PDF divination book or wish to have the results of divination written directly in the mail.

But, on the other hand, you have some kind of trouble. You hate to be snooped. Please take a delicious variety that is rich in variety. Intimate sex with love and friendship is also important. It is best to balance all.

It is not to sacrifice the expectation of others.